Alef, Hunter Sticks, Russian Brand Naturally Smoked Cooked Salami, Product of USA, Approx. 3.6Lb

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 Perishable product 

Alef, Hunter Sticks, Russian Brand Naturally Smoked Cooked Salami, Product of USA


ALEF’s private recipe adds an unforgettable and gentle taste to the classical hunter sticks. 

Ingredients: pork, beef, fat back, salt, sugar, garlic, spices. 

"Alef Sausage" plant has been servicing the American market since March of 2000. During these successful years the assortment of products was considerably expanded and now offers over 40 different types of high-quality sausages and meat delicacies. "Alef Sausage" pays a special attention to preserving the traditionally Russian taste, which is in part achieved by using natural products such as high quality meat, milk, eggs, salt, sugar and other spices.

The company has invested heavily into the high quality process equipment of leading industry brands and high-quality raw material. In addition, the corporate culture emphasizes strict quality control and high standards of the employee ethics. The above combination has made it possible for “Alef Sausage” to achieve an optimum parity of the price and quality of sausage products which intern provide long term business partnership and attraction of new clients.

"Alef Sausage" offers such a high variety of products that it allows the customers to solve any problem, whether it is picnic with friends, a family dinner, and sandwiches for lunch or even holiday celebration.

"Alef Sausage" is using ancient Russian recipes in conjunction with secret company developments to produce high quality products that meet USDA’s strict standards as well as satisfy the most extravagant taste.

Manufacture of high-quality sausages and delicatessens, maintenance of the high standards, use of latest technologies.

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