"Alex's Meat", Vienna Sausage, Approx. 1.3Lb

"Alex's Meat", Vienna Sausage, Approx. 1.3Lb
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"Alex's Meat", Vienna Sausage, Approx. 1.3Lb


These are the most delicate sausages, made from pork, very similiar to a hot dog but much better grade of meat. Vienna sausage is great for preparing for breakfast. They will melt in your mouth.


Smoked meats, cold cuts and sausages from Alex's Meat and Provisions are prepared from traditional European recipes using state-of-the-art smoke houses.
Smoke from natural hickory wood chips delivers a unique and superior flavor to our products. There is no comparison to the quality and taste of our provisions.

Our diverse catalogue includes exclusive styles of bologna, salami, mortadella, knockwurst, frankfurters and many other sausages. We also have the finest beef, chicken and pork products.


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