Bobak's, Deli Pork Wieners, 14oz/397g

Bobak's, Deli Pork Wieners, 14oz/397g
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Bobak's, Deli Pork Wieners, 14oz/397g


While Bobak's is called Sausageologists there at Bobak's, they also know a thing or two about a delicious Natural Casing Pork Frankfurter! Bobak's took mild spices and the finest cuts of pure pork like they use in their Natural Casing Pork Frankfurters and they created these little guys! They are perfect for appetizers, snacks, or a light meal! The kids just love 'em because they're little, just like them!

Ingredients: Veal, water, non fat dry milk, salt, potassium lactate, sugar, sodium phosphate,paprika, sodium diacetate, natural flavors, sodium nitrite. Lamb casings.  No MSG. Gluten free.

Only the finest cuts of pure pork are selected for this one of a kind frankfurter. Mildly spiced to perfection. These mini family favorites have a real “snap” when bite them. Twelve to a pound.

Fully cooked. Heat and Eat

Made in USA


"Bobak Sausage Company" has been a Chicago tradition since 1967. Since the beginning, the company dedicated itself to making the very finest in quality Sausage and Deli meat specialties. "Bobak Sausage Company" does not use the terms "Polish Sausage" lightly! The Bobak's, with recipes originating from family traditions that have come from Poland, have been creating their Polish Sausage and Deli meats using time honored craftsmanship that today can be considered a "lost art".

With the merging of tradition and state-of- the-art meat processing technology, Bobak makes over 100 different Sausage and Deli meat specialties all under USDA standards.


Cooking Info:


MICROWAVE: Place links in a shallow microwave safe dish. Add 1/2 inch of water. Cover. Microwave for approximately two minutes for 1 to 2 links; three to five minutes for 4 to 6 links. Remove, pour off water and let stand two minutes before serving. (Since microwave ovens vary, cooking times are approximate.)

GRILLING: To avoid splitting open, place links on foil with small amount of water until heated through. Remove foil and brown. When not using foil, turn links frequently (approximately 10 to 15 minutes). DO NOT PLACE COLD LINKS DIRECTLY ON HOTTEST SPOT OF GRILL.

PAN FRYING: Place links in a shallow pan with 1/2 inch of water and cover. Simmer and turn until links are heated though (approximately 7 minutes). To brown, pour off remaining water, remove cover, heat at medium until brown, turning links occasionally.



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