"Astra", Lizak Deseniowy Mix 26g Lollipop Candy, 50 pieces, Poland

"Astra", Lizak Deseniowy Mix 26g Lollipop Candy, 50 pieces, Poland
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"Astra", Lizak Deseniowy Mix 26g Lollipop Candy, 50 pieces, Poland


Lollipops, usually referred to as suckers, are a type of candy which comes in numerous forms, sizes, shades and flavors. It's made by mixing sugar and corn syrup in very hot water. To make hard sweets like lollipops, you should have a mold to obtain that preferred pattern and design that provides the lollipops a nice and creatively appealing look. Lollipop molds can be purchased in cooking supply stores and crafts shops close to you as well as from vendors on the internet. It is actually sold at a very low price.

These days, you can find a nice selection of lollipop molds to make unique variations of hard candies. Lollipop conforms are often manufactured from rubber or clear plastic material, resin and several are made out of metal. They are generally simple to use and can be stored very easily. There are three types of candy lollipop molds in the market these days. The basic flat candy mold is considered the most typical and commonly used for lollipops. With this type of mold you can create unique designs like snowflake, Christmas trees, toy soldiers, Halloween pumpkins, hearts, and cartoon characters, or just basic designs since they come in numerous sizes and shapes. As soon as the candy concoction is cool enough, remove hard candy from the mold by applying a little bit of pressure to the back of the mold.

A different type of lollipop molds is the three dimensional or widely known as 3-D molds that can produce better shaped lollipops and hard candies. Different from the basic flat mold, the 3-D mold gives dimension all around the candy and it's simple enough to use. To use the mold, meticulously pour the hot candy mixture or the candy syrup on one side of the mold up to its rim and wait for the candy solidify. At the back part of the mold, pour the candy solution about three quarter of an inch from the rim of the hard candy mold. Set it aside and let it cool down and harden. Once it's totally solid and hard, take the lollipop out of the molds' front side. Put aside both to harden entirely and allow for both sides to join together.

The third type of mold is the hollow mold. Hollow molds cannot be used for lollipops; it's commonly used for chocolates. It is a two part mold and is particularly used to produce larger pieces. This type of molds is ideal for filling candy confections and flavors providing a perfect treat. To use this, lightly brush the sides of the mold with melted chocolate using a little paint brush. Chill the chocolate mold in the fridge and do the process repeatedly until you attain the desired thickness. You may put confections and fillings like custard, peanut butter or caramel into the mold and pour it with melted chocolate. Once completely done and the chocolate is already hard, pop out the chocolate from the mold. All hard candy molds must be cared for appropriately so it can last for years.


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