Groezinger "Estonskaya" Brand Kielbasa, Approx. 1.4Lb, ($7.49/1Lb)

Groezinger "Estonskaya" Brand Kielbasa, Approx. 1.4Lb, ($7.49/1Lb)
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 Perishable product 

If you like good-quality meats and garlicky flavor in your kielbasa, Groezinger Estonska delivers. The product is made by Groezinger Provisions Inc. in Neptune, N.J., which specializes in products from central and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, there is no website for Groezinger. 

The pork-and-beef sausage is fully cooked and cured, and sold in one- and three-pound sizes. It's delicious as is, grilled or fried, and perfect for an appetizer tray of deli meats and cheeses common at most Eastern European celebrations. There are other estonskas on the market, but Groezinger Estonska is the best. 

The recipe was formulated by Laurie Groezinger Cummins' late husband, who was a sausage maker born in Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to Groezinger Provisions, Cummins is the owner of the well-known Alexian Pate & Terrines, which makes mostly French-style charcuterie, pate, and sells domestic and international cheeses to gourmet stores.

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