"Lifeway", Farmer Cheese "Krestiyansky Tvorog", 16oz/1Lb/453g

"Lifeway", Farmer Cheese "Krestiyansky Tvorog", 16oz/1Lb/453g
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 Perishable product 
Lifeway Farmer Cheese is a cultured soft cheese made from an Old World European recipe. It adds unmistakable flavor and texture to the eating experience. This cheese is fat free, cholesterol and calories and it has a distinctive, slightly acidulous, pleasantly smooth flavor. Lifeway Farmer Cheese is composed primarily of dry curds, which contribute to its slightly granular texture. Slow draining helps retain much of the whey and maintains a good degree of moistness. Lifeway Farmer Cheese comes in a number of varieties: regular, low fat, fat-free, pressed, and organic or as a sweet mixture with golden raisins and chocolate chips called Sweet Kissâ„¢. Like milk, cheese is a veritable powerhouse of nutrients. It is considered to be one of the very few nearly complete foods. It is as nutritious as it is delicious!

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