Italian Vinegars

Italian Vinegars - Make your food night special


When shopping for Italian Food items for your planned Italian food night, one ingredient that foodies place in their food carts is Italian Balsamic Vinegar. This thick, sweet-smelling Vinegar is made from the pure, unfermented juice of a grape called the "must." While there have been different varieties of grapes used to come up with this staple of Italian cuisine, the Trebbiano grape-native to Modena, Italy-is the most common. Other grape varieties used in the making of this Vinegar include Ancellotta, Sauvignon, and Lambrusco.

How then did Vinegar such as this come about? Vinegar is produced through the oxidation of a fermented liquid, which can include fruit juice, cider, and malt. In addition to these, an acetic acid bacterium, along with a cellulose slime known as "the mother of vinegar," is added. This oxidizes the liquid, which in turn results in Vinegar. In the past, Italian Balsamic Vinegar was not oxidized, but was instead a kind of grape juice reduction. Today, it is produced like most other Vinegars on the market.

Make your food night special by using gourmet Italian Balsamic Vinegar. This type is slowly aged in wooden barrels, and the manufacturers of this kind of Vinegar have their own process and formula for aging it. Often, the vinegar is moved from one wood barrel to another in order to create its signature flavor. Some of the more common types of wood used in making the barrels include ash, cherry, oak, juniper, and chestnut.

A bottle of Italian Balsamic Vinegar starts out this way. It begins by boiling the grape juice until it becomes thick syrup. After which, it is then transferred to the wooden barrels to begin the aging process. Bacteria are then added, oxidizing the juice in the process and turning it into vinegar. This lasts from as short as 6 months to as long as a few years. If you want authentic Italian food items, avoid your average grocery. The Balsamic Vinegar you find here is often aged a few months in stainless steel tanks.

Italian Balsamic Vinegar is great as cooking ingredient or as a tangy salad dressing. Use Balsamic Vinegar as a marinade or sauce for grilled, roasted, and broiled dishes. As you start cooking with it, you will notice that your dishes develop a caramelized flavor along the way. Salad lovers will enjoy blending small amounts of oil along with the Vinegar and other ingredients. The result is a balsamic dressing that is both rich and slightly sweet, with a very complex flavor.

Apart from using it on your salad and various meat and seafood dishes, Italian Balsamic Vinegar dressing can also be used as a bread dip. You can even use it as a dessert sauce by mixing it in with figs. An Italian balsamic and fig dressing is excellent whenever you pair it with old-fashioned Vanilla ice cream.

Italian Food items similar to this are heart-healthy products, which is why Balsamic Vinegar is a staple of low-carb diets like the South Beach diet. The term "Balsamic" means "restorative" or "health giving." Don't miss out on adding this to your list of ingredients as you are doing the grocery. Get Italian Balsamic Vinegar for that authentic old world taste!