Kvas "Monastirskiy", 2L

Kvas "Monastirskiy", 2L
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Kvass, kvas, quass or gira, gera is a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread. The colour of the bread used contributes to the colour of the resulting drink. It is classified as a non-alcoholic drink by Russian standards, as the alcohol content from fermentation is typically less than 1.2%. Overall, the alcohol content is low (0.05% - 1.0%). Kvass is also used for preparing a cold summertime soup called okroshka. 

It is popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and other Eastern and Central European countries as well as in former Soviet states, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, where one can see many kvass vendors in the streets. Kvass is also popular in Harbin and Xinjiang, areas within China that are influenced by Russian culture.

Kvass has been a common drink in Eastern Europe since ancient times. 

Kvass is made by the natural fermentation of bread, such as wheat, rye, or barley, and sometimes flavoured using fruit, berries, raisins, or birch sap collected in the early spring. Modern homemade kvass most often uses black or regular rye bread, usually dried, baked into croutons (called suhari), or fried, with the addition of sugar or fruit (e.g. apples or raisins), and with a yeast culture andzakvaska ("kvass fermentation starter").

Commercial kvass, especially less expensive varieties, is occasionally made like many other soft drinks, using sugar, carbonated water, malt extract, and flavourings. Better brands, often made by beer rather than soft drink manufacturers, usually use a variation of the traditional process to brew their products. Kvass is commonly served unfiltered, with the yeast still in it, which adds to its unique flavour as well as its high vitamin B content.

Why Should I Drink Kvass?

Kvass in traditional form, if you can find it, is an extremely healthy beverage. It is rich in B vitamins, thought to relieve intestinal problems and hangovers. But more importantly, kvass is fermented, which means it contains beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, that are regarded as a digestive aid, and that may destroy disease-causing microbes in your intestine.

Probiotics in fermented foods such as kvass have been the topic of much research. Already, its been found that probiotics may:

• Enhance your immune system

• Prevent infections after surgery

• Treat acute and chronic diarrhea

• Relieve inflammatory bowel disease

• Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

• Protect against cancer development and progression

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