"Russkoye Pole", Semolina Grains (Krupa Mannaya), 900g

"Russkoye Pole", Semolina Grains (Krupa Mannaya), 900g
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Semolina is the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat used in making pasta, and also used for breakfast cereals and puddings. Semolina is also used to designate coarse middlings from other varieties of wheat, and from other grains such as rice and corn. Semolina made from durum wheat is yellow in color. It is usually the basis for dried products such as couscous, which is made by mixing roughly 2 parts semolina with 1 part durum flour (finely ground semolina).

When boiled, it turns into a soft, mushy porridge. This flour is popular in northwestern Europe and North America as a dessert, boiled with milk and sweetened, called semolina pudding. It is often flavored with vanilla and served with jam. In Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia, it is eaten as breakfast porridge, sometimes mixed with raisins and served with milk.

Health Benefits: 

Semolina flour has the highest gluten content of various flours. Gluten is an elastic protein that is left after the starch is washed away from wheat. Semolina flour contains 13 percent or more gluten protein per cup of flour. It is also high in protein, which provides health benefits and makes semolina products more filling when consumed.

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