"Podravka", VEGETA, 500g

"Podravka", VEGETA, 500g
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Podravka - Croatia

Vegeta is an original Croatian product, which contains a unique combination of several types of spices and dehydrated vegetables. It enhances the flavour of a dish’s main ingredients and only a teaspoonful is enough to give savoury dishes richness and fullness of flavour. The Vegeta brand guarantees the high quality of all the natural ingredients used to make the product. Vegeta gives you unlimited culinary options, and every experienced cook who uses it knows that food simply tastes better with it!

Vegeta – the most famous Croatian brand
Vegeta’s long-term presence on the market proves its uniqueness, originality and appeal, and it can be found in kitchens in around 40 countries worldwide. Over time, Vegeta has developed from a product to a famous brand and a synonym for a whole category of universal food complements. Its significance has also been confirmed by the results of research carried out by independent agencies in 2005, which have singled out Vegeta as the most powerful and recognisable brand in Croatia and South East Europe

Vegeta is the absolute market authority in universal food seasonings. It is a combination of vegetables and seasoning herbs and is a must have product! Podravka, in search of a way to enhance and improve the aroma of a meal, created Vegeta in its research laboratory back in 1959. This caused a true culinary revolution!

Vegeta, almost 50 years after the discovery of its original formula, continues to be popular and favored today. Vegeta's secret lies in the fact that it does not dominate the aroma of a meal, but rather adds fullness to it. Simply sprinkle Vegeta over meat to be roasted, food to be BBQ-ed, poultry, fish and other victuals during the preparation stage or add Vegeta to soups, sauces, vegetables, rice and other cooked food 5 minutes before they are done. Your meal will have a stronger aroma and will be much tastier.

Tips from Vegeta's Kitchen
Vegeta has been the number one choice for several generations of housewives and chefs and we suggest that you too give it a try and see for yourself why. Vegeta blends well with salty meals, turning them into unforgettable and irresistibly tasting dishes. When choosing a condiment to flavor your meal, consider not only your own personal preferences but also the characteristics of the victuals and dishes that you are preparing.

Sprinkle Vegeta on roasts, barbecues, poultry and fish prior to cooking or add 1 teaspoon of Vegeta per serving during the last 5 minutes of cooking to enhance the taste of soup, stir-fries, rice, casseroles and vegetables.

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