"European Style Fish", Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky, Delicious On-The-Go Treat, KSA-Kosher, 4oz/113g

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 Perishable product 

Ingredients : Wild Alaskan Salmon, Salt, Brown Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke

Sliced From Solid Fillets of Salmon

All Natural, Never Frozen


It takes 6Lb of salmon to make 1Lb of cold smoked salmon jerky. It starts with sides of salmon that have just the right firmness and oil content. These sides are cured and then slowly cold smoked. Next the finished sides are skinned and portioned into strips. These strips are individually hung on stainless steel hooks (note the hole in each strip) and finished in the smokehouse in a second drying and smoking process. The result is an all-natural, non-perishable, cold smoked jerky packed with concentrated protein and flavor.


Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky is a wonderful and all natural,

No artificial flavoring or coloring, no preservatives, 97% fat free,

0 Carb, KSA Kosher Snack Food Product made from whole skin/on fillets of wild caught Alaskan Salmon. 

It's Good and It's Good for YOU!


Wild salmon is perhaps one of the last truly natural foods left in the world.

Unfortunately, much of the salmon consumers unknowingly purchase on the market today is actually farmed salmon. While Alaska wild salmon are nurtured by mother nature and allowed to grow naturally in open pristine waters, farmed salmon is fed pressed pellets and spend their entire lives in huge tanks in artificially controlled and chemical enhanced environments. This deliciously chewy gourmet snack is made from only the finest wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Not only does it taste great but it's healthy as well. You can't find a healthier snack. This product is non-perishable and will last several months without refrigeration.



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