"Stiglmeier", Blood Sausage (Krovyanaya Kielbasa), Approx. 2.9 Lb ($6.89/1Lb)

"Stiglmeier", Blood Sausage (Krovyanaya Kielbasa), Approx. 2.9 Lb ($6.89/1Lb)
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Bavaria, the southernmost region of Germany, is also the homeland of Anton and Gertraud Stiglmeier, the founders of the Stiglmeier Sausage Company. They built their business on the firm foundation of old-fashioned values, traditional Bavarian and other German recipes, and a love for good sausage. Today, thousands of lovers of good sausage regularly order their favored products.

Blood sausage is made in a variety of countries all over the world, and goes by a number of names including blutwurst (Germany), Boudin Noir (France), and Morcilla (Spain). In all cases, the food takes the form of a link sausage made from pork or other meats mixed with blood, which gives the blood sausage a distinctive dark color. Some countries, including England, make blood pudding, a dish founded along similar culinary principles.

Blood sausage is made in a variety of ways, with many additional ingredients such as cream, seasonal vegetables, or more heavy spices. In the American South, for example, spicy Boudin Noir is a popular dish and can be found at many restaurants and roadside stands. Given the wide variety of regional preparations, blood sausage is a culinary adventure worth having.


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