"F"(FRANSELUZA), Gingerbread/Pryaniki, 400g

"F"(FRANSELUZA), Gingerbread/Pryaniki, 400g
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With Rasberry
With Honey
With Cranberry
With Halva
With Plum
With Nuts
With Wild Berry
With Poppy seeds
With Caramel
With Strawberry
With Apricot
With Green Apple
With Cherry


Ingredients: flour, sugar, palm-oil, sorbitol limectant


In Russia, whether you were having tea for two or for ten, pryaniki used to be the traditional accompaniment, and for some they still are. The goodies were honey filled when they became a popular teatime treat in the 19th century. Present day pryaniki come with several sweet centers including condensed milk, chocolate and strawberries. Before bakers prepare the surprise inside, craftsmen mould the outside to help them take shape. Staraya Tula is Russia's oldest pryanik factory, founded in 1881. Here the ladies make the gingerbreads the way you would do it at home if you had an extremely large kitchen, kneading the dough and putting in all the fillings. Now they tried to do it the more modern way with machinery, but it is said that it ruins the flavor of the finished product.

Source : http://rt.com/programs/russia-close-up/tea-party-in-tula-samovars-and-pryaniki

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