Arava Tea, DiabeTea, 100 Enveloped tea Bags, 1.5g Each, Net Weight : 150g

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For maximum effect drink at least 3 cups of DiabeTea a day.


DiabeTea is a natural herbal diabetes remedy for decreasing and balancing blood sugar level. This herbal tea for diabetics is recommended and anyone who needs a blood sugar level balancing.


This revolutionary natural herbal remedy for a natural diabetes cure that combines a variety of natural herbs known in Indian and Chinese medicine. It contains active ingredients that allow you to decrease high blood sugar level.


Western modern medicine has started to recognize the healing abilities of herbs, and many physicians recommend using them to decrease or balance the blood sugar level. Experiments performed amongst diabetics have shown that their blood sugar level has decreased in two weeks and stayed balanced for 3 months.


Ingredients: Ceylon Cinnamon, Gymnema Silvestre, Fenugrek, Stigmata Maydis, Lemon Grass, Citrus Aurantium , Momordica Charantia, Tinospora Sinensis.


Recommendation: Recommended to drink 3 cups of DiabeTea a day for best results. Contains 100 tea bags. Kosher. Made in Israel by Arava Tea. Ltd.  Arava Tea Ltd. is a leading Israeli company in the manufacturing of natural health products. The company's healthy-life approach integrates ancient traditions and knowledge from the Far East together with innovative technology and extensive laboratory research The Company carried out years of research and development and selected fruits and medicinal plants from all over the world with great care. Attention! DiabeTea is a dietary supplement. It is not a drug and cannot be used instead your medication. We supply our products right from manufacture-You get the freshest product.


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