"Royal Collection", Caribic Dream, Herbal Tea, 7oz/200g

"Royal Collection", Caribic Dream, Herbal Tea, 7oz/200g
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Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus, elderberry, rose hip peels, sunflower blossoms, flavoring.

Russian Tea Ceremony.

For sure, tea is the favorite drink in Russia. Traditionally, it is an after meal drink, which being prepared in teapots or samovars  - a Russian teakettle. You can find them in homes, offices and restaurants.

Samovars have a shape of urn.  Often they decorated with pictures from Russian folk stories. Some samovars are small and can hold only three liters of water, when the largest hold up to 30 liters. Usually, they made from no oxidized metal. There is a special place for a small teapot to sit on the top of samovar. While the water is heating in the samovar, a significant amount of tealeaves is brewing  inside the teapot on the top. This strong drink called "zavarka", which needs to be diluted with water from samovar before you drink it.  Just mix a small amount of "zavarka" with hot water from the tap or sprout at the side of samovar.  The tea brewed in samovar is ready to serve all day long.

In some regions, Russians use three teapots that sit on top of each other to keep the tea warm.  Sometimes, they are crafted in such a shape, that when fit together, they have a look of a person or animal.  Three teapots are convenient for use when you want to brew two different kinds of tea at the same time.  The middle pot, usually, holds strong black tea, the smallest on the top - any herbal, and the large pot on the bottom holds hot water. As you pour the drink, you can mix the desired kind of tea and dilute with water.

Usually, Russians drink tea from cups, but sometimes they use "podstakanniki" - a special glass cups in a silver holder. To complete Russian tradition, try a cup of tea with baked goodies, honey or homemade jam.

Brewing Instructions: Water  temperature: 212 F, Sleeping Time: 4-5 min


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